The Chelegoneffee


Posted by 19azaleah | Posted in General News | Posted on 08-11-2017

The Chelogoneffee’s Story

It all started in the cold, dark cauldron where i dreamed of seeing the outside world but couldn’t.  I was trapped in a lonely place only to be set free for unlikely times but this was  one of them.  I could hear my soon-to-be-master and his friends chanting, soon ingredients came splashing upon my head.  Join my chant, he said,

“Lizards scale for dragons wings.” It fizzed emerald green.

“Bluebell flower for sapphire wings.” It turned purple.

“Key from ash tree for elephants head.” It turned grey.

“Sting of bee for great, golden tusks.” Now yellow.

“Cup of lava for red tail.” It turned into a thick sludge.

Suddenly, a thick grey fog spilled out of the cauldron. bubbles frothed and foamed builded and burst.  Slowly, i rose out of it, feet stretching, eyes getting used to the light.  Intimidatingly, i stared at my master with cold, dead eyes, fearing my future.  What would he do to me?  I was scared. he cautiously walked towards me and mumbled in a familiar language.  I growled suspiciously, waiting to be let out somewhere where i could me free but that didn’t happen.  Apparently i was stuck to him with an invisible chain and only he could set me free.  i doubted that Would happen.  I slowly walked outside in a waddle like way. that second i could see the problem.

Griffins soared through the sky looking hungry but scared, i didn’t want to hurt them but i had too.  I flew up with my angelic wings into the peaceful night sky, i could hear birds singing, the soft wind breeze through my scales. it was perfect, but one problem still remained.  The Griffins gave a frightened screech and leapt towards me, i flew a safe distance – but they were too fast.  As quick as light, they scratched me ferociously… but it felt soft.  I was wondering and wondering why they didn’t hurt me, it was that second i had an uncalled-for flashback that showed me something, that helped me understand.

They weren’t bad, they were forced to do it, they were forced to do this, for their master’s bidding.  I finally understood, so i showed my master what was really going on and he understood too.  From now on everyone gave them one sheep everyday and daily attacks never happened again.  That day on, we rarely saw the Griffins ever again.